Woodwell recipe


Sint-Joris-weert, Belgium


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Since 2018

After i ate my first sourdough bread In may 2018, i was stunned that there is actually Amazing natural bread in the world ! I simply wanted to bake my own sourdough bread and eat as many as i like.


the Sourdough smells a lot like sweet apples / beer? :) slightly sour. It’s very predictable in feedings.

Taste & flavour

Woodwell top shot
Woodwell front shot
Woodwell rising shot


Starting ingredients

  • 350g Bio wheat flour
  • 300g Water from well

Feeding ingredients

  • 50g Starter
  • 125g Bio whole wheat flour
  • 100g Water from the well
Remove some of the starter except for 50 grams. Keep the rest for making pizza, Fleur de Levain, waffels etc :)
50g Starter
I switched to Bio Whole Wheat flour.
125g Bio whole wheat flour
I use water from the well in Meerdaalwoud.
100g Water from the well

Working method

Warm days in Belgium with Approx 25 degrees in the house. Started the motherdough with 350gr of wheat flour mixed with 300 gr water from the well.
350g Bio wheat flour
Water from the well at Meerdaalwoud.
300g Water from well
Wait 2 or 3 days till you see bubbels and got a smell of vinegar. Temperature plays a big role here. Everything above 22 degrees C is good. Now remove some part of the starter and keep 100gr. Feed it with 200gr of water and 250gr of flour. Put on a warm spot (approximately 24 degrees C.)
Repeat this process every 24 hours. After 10 days i reduced the amount of starter and feedings by half. So keep 50 gr of starter, feed with 100gr of water and 125 gr of flour. Since then my Woodwell feels superb! Remember to give it air, as i noticed that firdt i had the smell of paint...once i gave it more air, the smell dissapeared and now it smells like sweet apples with beer :)



Woodwell Bread first overview
Woodwell Bread second overview
Woodwell Bread first slice
Woodwell Bread second slice

Pizza dough

Woodwell Pizza dough first overview
Woodwell Pizza dough second overview

Fleur de Levain

Woodwell Fleur de Levain  first overview
Woodwell Fleur de Levain  second overview

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