Sourdough bread recipe

Creating a sourdough starter is easy. Everyone can do that, by following some simple instructions. Making a good bread with a sourdough becomes more complicated. Especially if you are looking to have one of these amazing loaves you see so often on social media posts. Most of us have started with a recipe and a method that has been fine-tuned over time. With many bad results, but little by little you start to learn your starters' behaviour. The right quantity of water that you need to add to your dough. The best temperatures to proof etc... By the end you will get there! Every place is different, every flour has its own properties, every hand has its own touch, it's important to take note of what you are doing if you are still learning. As such you can change small things. I would also recommend to go easy with the water in the beginning. Not all the flours are able to absorb the same amount of water. Therefore the water quantity in the recipe is an indication. I hope you get good results. You can always leave a feedback in the comment section below the recipe.