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Since 2016

Saw article on NY Times Cooking and then another on Food 52.


I'm happy with my starter. It makes a nice slightly sour bread. When it's been fed it seems to double in 4-5 hours. If fed again after it sinks back down it will double in 4 or less hours. I have another starter that came from this one that is named Pepper and it's not as sour, don't know why.

Taste & flavour

Olive top shot
Olive jar shot
Olive front shot
Olive rising shot


Starting ingredients

  • 100g Water
  • 50g All purpose flour
  • 50g Ka whole wheat flour

Feeding ingredients

In the beginning I weighed my starter and added = amonunts of water and flour to it. I used All Purpose flour and KA wheat and stirred it up.. Moved the rubber band on the jar to the level of the mixture and waited for it to double. I loosened the jar lid to allow for the gas to escape.

Working method

In May of 2016 I followed the instructions on the wildyeastblog.com/raising-a-starter. I used an olive jar for my container, it holds about a quart.
100g Water
50g All purpose flour
MIxed All purpose flour and whole wheat with the water, covered the jar with a folded paper towel and secured it with a rubber band. 2nd rubber band marked the level of my mixture in my jar. I set it outside on my covered deck to ferment. It was about 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside.
50g Ka whole wheat flour


Sunny Sourdough

I made this morning, because all my previous photos are too big for you to accept!
Olive Sunny Sourdough first overview
Olive Sunny Sourdough second overview
Olive Sunny Sourdough first slice
Olive Sunny Sourdough second slice

Preserve your sourdough for the future

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The constancy of my starter is incorrect. It's not silly putty. How to edit this?

Seems like every day I learn something new about sourdough. It is rewarding to provide quality breads and bake goods to my family.