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Since 2017

Several friends who did have already .


well its a mild starter since i dont want sourness in my bread so it usually is ready in 4 hours at 26-30 degrees.Not particularly fast, ,the next day after feeding and in fridge has a smell of yogurt, during fermentation it has more alcoholic smell/sweet, not much acidic smell,just as i want it.It is used to be fed with different type of white flours,from 11g protein to 13g.

Taste & flavour

Memole rising shot


Starting ingredients

  • 50% White flour
  • 50% Water

Feeding ingredients

I Take out from fridge at room temp for one hour, take a part of it usually i dont keep a big amount, so for example i take 40g and add 40g flour ( flour variates from 11g-13g protein) and add same amount of water at room temp, then i put back in fridge.

Working method

This starter was created with white flour 12g % protein, and little honey for starter,it was first made with a final 50% hidration,during the first days it was fed every 48hours for 2 times with different ration of water and flour ,after that it was fed every 24 hours for 4 days.Later on i decided to turn it into a 100% starter and its been 1 year this way.
50% White flour 50% Water



made with cream instead of butter in the dough aroma with orange zests
Memole Brioche first slice
Memole Brioche second slice


cooked in a basic home oven on a stone.
Memole Pizza second slice

Casatiello napoletano

Easter savory "cake" typical in Naples.Filled with cheeses and salami ,boiled eggs.
Memole Casatiello napoletano second overview
Memole Casatiello napoletano first slice


Italian sweet croissant version made with brioche dough and laminated with butter,dough has orange zest flavour.
Memole Cornetti  second overview
Memole Cornetti  first slice
Memole Cornetti  second slice

Finnish style donuts Munkki

These have cardamom in the dough.
Memole Finnish style donuts Munkki first slice

My own style bread

with 50g raye and 50g spelt, manitoba flour.hidration i cannot remember :D
Memole My own style bread  second overview
Memole My own style bread  first slice

Preserve your sourdough for the future

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