Sourdough Buchwheat Starter recipe

Sourdough Buchwheat Starter

Otepää, Estónia


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Sourdough Buchwheat Starter

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desde 2013

My husbands gluten intolerance inspired me to look for other possibilities. I started to play with raw buchwheat flour using rye bread starter. It worked and i mastered the buchwheat bread so well i started to teach other people how to do it. My buchwheat bread workshops are quite popular. I have bern teaching this knowledge in Finland and London as well!


Notes: 1) buchwheat is starchy and gets "slimy" when soaked even when you use flour instead fullgrain 2) the dough is so much more liquid than most bread bakers are used to 3) it only takes 35-60 min to let the dough rise before baking! The biggest mistake is to let it rise too far - it will make it collapse while baking!


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Ingredientes iniciais

  • Cup Raw buckwheat
  • % Buckwheat flour, water, a little bit of sugar

Ingredientes para alimentar


Método de trabalho

I baked my first buckwheat sourdough bread from the rye bread starter in 2013. Rye bread is traditional in Estonia but i needed to bake gluten free because of my family members health condition. Since then i have always taken a piece of buchwheat bread dough and preserved it in a glass jar in a freezer until the next baking. Once i started a new starter from fermenting buchwheat flour and water.
Cup Raw buckwheat
I usually suggest people to find someone who already bakes good buchwheat bread and ask for a starter. It is a sure thing. Some people have tried to ferment their own bychwheat bread starter and that might succeed but might as well not. As the fermentation process is influenced by so many factors like the moon phase, the quality of bw flour, the environment of the household etc.
% Buckwheat flour, water, a little bit of sugar


Sourdough pizza

Buchwheat Sourdough cookies

Buchwheat sourdough crisps

the buchwheat sourdough would be quite liquid, i put it on a pan and bake 200 degrees for 40 minutes. Crispy tasty bites

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