Sourdough Pizza - Will Grant

For National Pizza Day, Will Grant shared his sourdough pizza recipe with us. As the proud owner of sourdough 104, Will's sourdough has been a cherished part of our collection since 2018.
With roots tracing back over 120 years to the Alaskan Klondike, his sourdough starter is a living testament to culinary history.
He's the owner of the pizzeria Sourdough Willy's and That's a some pizza. In 2017 he won the prize for "Best Pizza" in the US.

Sourdough Pizza Recipe


  • 670g 00 Flour 100%
  • 430g Cold Water 64%
  • 160g Starter 24%
  • 17g or 3 tsp Oil 2.5%
  • 20g or 4 tsp Sugar 3%
  • 17g or 3 tsp Salt 2.5%


  1. Put water in large bowl adding starter and sugar.
  2. Mix with whisk till until starter is almost completely broken down and the water is a milky color and frothy.
  3. Add flour and mix by hand until water is fully incorporated into flour, making a giant dough ball.
  4. Cover with plastic wrap and rest for 20 minutes
  5. After 20 minutes has passed mix in salt until completely absorbed and the dough is no longer grainy.
  6. Add oil and mix until dough has a smooth texture and oil is completely absorbed into the dough ball.
  7. Cut in half and roll into dough balls.
  8. Refrigerate for at least 72 hours, but no more than 96 hours.
  9. Day of bake, pull out at least one hour if not more before use to bring to room temperature.

The Quest for Sourdough - Klondike goldrush

If you still need some inspiration for your pizza toppings, we would advise you to watch the Quest for Sourdough movie with Will!