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1991 'dan beri

My husband said it would be one of the things he missed most if he were to leave CA and live in Texas. I figured . that was a challenge. LOL


I got busy raising kids and my started got busy changing from California to Texas. It make divine waffles and pizza crust, hybrid breads, but the last straight sourdoughs I baked were sour and pale. No one could tell me why. I have "washed " the started and use it/feed it more -- need to get up my nerve to try the bread again.

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As a home baker, mine gets put away and I have dried it to keep a backup. Had to use it once when my dad was sick and I left my started out too long. It gets fed when I need to rev it up or "wash" it -- may be 8-12 hours if sluggish or 3-4 hours if really active and I am increasing it for a larger bake....I may be too irregular to be of scientific use. Loosey Goosey here

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It's been 27 years and I started with 2 approaches. One was just flour and water and the other had some yogurt. I baked with both for a while, so they may have even had an influence on each other. Both were fed with flour and water only and I found it too much to keep up with both. I am not 100% certain, but I think the one that survived was Not the one with yogurt. I go be feel not measure


We make pancakes, waffles (better than the so called waffles of insane greatness in my book), breads, pizza & more
Cal-Tex  first overview
Cal-Tex  second overview
Cal-Tex  first slice
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