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dal 2012

I love baking. Baking sweets is unhealthy... you can't eat all that ALL the time, it's a treat. But the baking urge was too strong. So I started baking bread instead. Traditional yeast bread gets boring, doesn't taste as good and is more labour intensive (you have to watch it closely). Sourdough is easy to fit in around weekday work schedules. You can ignore it for hours and it forgives you.


My culture is all the classic good smells you want. Sweet, sour, tangy. My loaves are usually 100% flour (varying types of flour - rye, spelt, white, wholemeal etc, depending on what I have in the pantry). 2% salt, 20% culture and about 75-80% water. I mix with my hand, purely judge my dough on look and feel. The baked bread is soft and chewy. Great flavour. Perfect with jam. Makes good bao too.

Sapore e aroma

Vanessa top shot
Vanessa jar shot
Vanessa front shot
Vanessa rising shot


Ingredienti di partenza

  • _none Bread flour
  • % Water

Ingredienti per il rinfresco

I tend to feed my flour every 2-4 days... sometimes I forget about it completely for a couple days but she always forgives me. I live in a cold-climate so maybe the fermentation is a bit slower than other climates? I usually go by instinct, so have no rigid routine about it.

Metodo di lavorazione

I usually use plain, standard bread flour. It's always fresh, I buy direct from my local mill in Northern Tasmania. So it's a 'cool-climate' flour. Unsure of the protein percentage. Sometimes a add a bit of wholemeal flour... If I feel like treating Vanessa.
_none Bread flour
Good ol' H20. Nothing special here... although I am on tank water so it's very locally sourced... from my roof. haha
% Water

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