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dal 2018

I got interested about sourdough after finding a Facebook group Hapanjuurileipurit and wanted to try creating a sourdough starter. My starter started bubbling the very nixt day and I was hooked with the process and the amazing taste of sd breads.


My starter is strong and stable, it creates beautiful, mild but tasty breads with amazing oven spring. It fermentates doughs fast but in controlled way. When in mild condition, it has beautiful nutty scent and a little sour taste.

Sapore e aroma

Titi-Uu top shot


Ingredienti di partenza

  • 50% Wheat
  • 50% Water

Ingredienti per il rinfresco

  • 50% Flour
  • 50% Water
Starter is usually fed with a ratio of 1:4:4 eight hours prior to baking. Feeding ratio depends on how soon I want to bake after feeding. Usually starter is fed before night and I bake next morning. If very acid, starter is fed twice before baking.
50% Flour 50% Water

Metodo di lavorazione

This starter was made with white organic wheat flour and water (50/50) and was fed daily for five days before first bake. It was very bubbling already the day it was made and has been active ever since.
50% Wheat 50% Water


Chocolate chip cake

I feed my starter with water, flour and sugar for few days and after that I bake the cake based on that starter.
Titi-Uu Chocolate chip cake first overview


Italian style doughnuts covered with sugar
Titi-Uu Bomboloni first overview
Titi-Uu Bomboloni second overview

Conserva il tuo lievito madre per il futuro

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