Bundaberg Sourdough recipe

Bundaberg Sourdough

Bundaberg, Australie


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Bundaberg Sourdough

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Depuis 2011

Lover of Sourdough, but I found out I had type 2 diabetes and was then driven to change my diet. This included going back to fermented products including Sourdough as it does not spike my blood sugar like normal commercial bread. I started baking for myself and friends and now I'm starting an authentic sourdough bakery in Bundaberg called The Pocket Storehouse.


Produces beautiful bread at our Sourdough bakery in Bundaberg QLD Australia The Pocket Storehouse www.thepocket.com.au the Bread is very similar to the best San Fransisco style or from France with a fluffy crumb and chewy full flavoured crust, the stable climate helps to control fermentation naturally.

Goût et saveur

Bundaberg Sourdough top shot
Bundaberg Sourdough jar shot
Bundaberg Sourdough front shot


Ingrédients de base

Ingrédients pour nourrir le levain

Equal part of flour and filtered water

Méthode de travail

Fermented Dough, organic white flour, filtered Bundaberg water and the humid air in Bundaberg


Sourdough can be used in everything were commercial yeast was introduced, we should never have changed.
Bundaberg Sourdough  first overview
Bundaberg Sourdough  second overview
Bundaberg Sourdough  first slice
Bundaberg Sourdough  second slice

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