greek yogurt  recipe

greek yogurt

Almere, Netherlands


Líquida Harina Otros
greek yogurt

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Since 2010

Looking for a new challange, trying to understand what all the mystery was about, and finding out it is so easy.


The starter is just like me. Sometimes concentrated and very precise, sometimes tired and sloppy. However the starter always works well when making bread, and I've never found any errors in my bread regarding inconsequent feeding schemes or the like.


greek yogurt  top shot
greek yogurt  jar shot
greek yogurt  front shot
greek yogurt  rising shot


Starting ingredients

  • % Rye flour

Feeding ingredients

At first I was very autistic about my starter, but no we became big friends. Sometimes I see my friends a lot, sometimes I don't see them for a week or two. Same with my starter. When on holiday the starter stays in the fridge for over a month sometimes. I get it alive and bubbly in a few refreshments without problems

Working method

I use freshly milled whole rye flour to start my sourdough process en gradually start adding french T65 flour to it during the first week. I keep it on my kitchen boiler where it is about 30 degrees. I keep it @ 100% hydratation. Liquid is just normal tapwater.
% Rye flour



Just bread made with whatever flour I get my hands on. Wheat, wholewheat, rye, einkorn
greek yogurt  bread first overview
greek yogurt  bread second overview
greek yogurt  bread first slice
greek yogurt  bread second slice

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