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seit 2019

I started baking bread in 2018 to tighten my budget, be healthier and learn a new skill; I wanted to try something different. In 2019 I began attempting sourdough in an effort to stop buying yeast which came in plastic sachets, and be more self reliant in my baking. After the first successful attempt (there were - and have been- many failures) I was hooked on the process and flavour of sourdough

Charakteristische Eigenschaften

Ryean has a wonderful fruity smell, specifically pineapples, due to the acidity and sweetness and maybe because we live in Brisbane. He spends most of his time in the fridge and is only fed rye flour. Ryean is a generous and patient starter, but is always ready for a party. He always gives a wonderful resulting bread and adds a delicious deep, malty, fruity flavour.

Geschmack und Aroma

Ryean jar shot
Ryean front shot
Ryean rising shot


Zutaten für den Starter

  • 30g Water
  • 20g Rye

Zutaten für die Auffrischung

  • 30g Water
  • 30g Rye
I feed my starter once or twice a week depending on how much baking I am doing. I add the water to the existing starter first to break it up then sprinkle in flour until I have achieved a damp cookie dough consistency.
30g Water
I use organic, stoneground, wholegrain rye flour which soaks up a lot of the moisture but this keeps it stiff and lengthens the time I can leave it refrigerated.
30g Rye


I started my sourdough by not wanting waste resources so my recipe utilises small amounts of ingredients. Lukewarm water is added to a jar.
30g Water
Enough rye flour is added to make a thick paste. This is left at room temperature or, as I learned when your house is too cold and heating is expensive, in your car (as long as it's in a garage). Ryean grew a lot on our road trips... I repeated these steps until I had a happy bubbling starter (roughly 10 days)
20g Rye


Sourdough Kimchi Pancake

Sourdough starter pan-fried, drizzled with sesame oil and topped with kimchi.
Ryean Sourdough Kimchi Pancake  first overview

Fruit Loaf

Ryean Fruit Loaf second overview

Hot Cross Buns

Ryean Hot Cross Buns second slice


Ryean Ontbijtkoek first slice

Wholemeal Rye sourdough

Ryean Wholemeal Rye sourdough second overview

White Sourdough

Ryean White Sourdough second overview
Ryean White Sourdough first slice

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