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Woodstock, United States


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Since 2010

I was making chili to serve at the bar I was running and thought that I wanted to serve it in sourdough bread bowls, the rest is history


Archie blooms with a beautiful bouquet of bacteria and yeast slight tartness on the nose. Becomes vibrant with activity after a feeding or two. She is very hardy and makes bread with a lovely texture and deep flavors with nice nutty character

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Archibald top shot
Archibald jar shot
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Başlangıç malzemeleri

  • 50% Pure water
  • 25% Bread flour
  • 25% Whole wheat flour

Besleme malzemeleri

  • 50% Pure water
  • 50% Bread wheat flour
When I store my starter I usually leave it small so It’s easy to build without having to discard much I start by adding water with a temperature that varies depending on the time of year
50% Pure water
Then I add equal parts bread and wheat flour
50% Bread wheat flour

Çalışma yöntemi

First I start with water from the Catskill mountains
50% Pure water
Next is King Arthur bread flour
25% Bread flour
Then finally am equal amount of King Arthur whole wheat flour and stir
25% Whole wheat flour


Country breads

Completely basic breads flour, salt, water and starter sometimes oil nice firm crust soft airy inside with varied crumb
Archibald Country breads first overview

Sourdough pancakes

Light airy and full of flavor


Buttery and delicious these never disappoint


Only made these once and still need some work

Pizza crust

Always a crowd pleaser whether I bake them or fire them right on the grill

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