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Since 2017

I have always been in kitchen since age 5. I am driven and motivated by organic foods and processing at home. Baking at age 11 with breads this appeal was to artistry and creative. Like a puzzle each piece was amazing and addictive. Preventive health impact was compelling and knowledge was satisfying but there was science to a scale that motivates for more knowledge. Books Stacked constantly!


Neutral milky sweetie after feeding, strong lifting as a non bleach white flour wit a 100 g fine grind Whole Wheat used in first fermentation month. Age three months 02/2017.

Taste & flavour

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Starting ingredients

Feeding ingredients

Discard 50 replacement 100g unbleached white organic flour / 100g spring water Every 6 hours x 3 prior to bake. Keeping in the refrigerator between baking feedings 2 times weekly and if away every two weeks upon return I go to every 6 hour x3 then bake or fridge.

Working method

I started with 50g AP non bleach white organic flour and 50g fine grind organic Whole Wheat flour 100g spring water Covered for two days first feeding when ripe Discard 80% feeding every 24 organic AP with a continuous feed twice weekly with a discard 80% prior to baking with a 200g flour and 200 g water feeding. (If too ripe discard 50% give another feeding.)


Country Rye

Fully flavored with caraway seeds, light and delicious
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MAX  Country Rye  first slice
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Preserve your sourdough for the future

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This is not a complete profile to the MAX .
I have done baking with this 6 loaves over 3 bakes all in Rye. I have done 4 English Muffins bakes.. pizzas and crackers..It is typical in prior to feeding its flavor is acidic and sour then becoming a milky sweet with slightly acidic tone. I develop Rye from Max three days prior to bake for Muffins 24 hours prior to bake. I maintain in cool until process for baking.

This is for my legacy of farm to kitchen journeys. I use Hudson Valley Farms for 90% of all foods brought into the home for the last two decades. I believe this is a future living experience exploring natural leavening and cultivating for organic goodness and important healthy lifestyle.