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Since 2017

I’ve always been a sourdough lover, and appreciated how old a process bread making is. I already had a beautiful cultural connection to bread baking with challah, and then started off doing yeast activated peasant bread. After getting Sarah Owens’ ‘Sourdough’ I decided to finally try my hand at sourdough and here we are a yr&half later.


Ima usually packs a lot of tang and some sweetness in flavor. Easily active, and great at building a strong and bouncy dough that delivers a beautiful crumb and a caramel crust (almost!) every time.

Taste & flavour

Ima jar shot


Starting ingredients

  • 50g Ka bread flour
  • 50g Water

Feeding ingredients

Add flour first, followed by water, and mix until incorporated with remaining starter. Kept in a pint size Weck jar on the kitchen counter. I feed Ima in the morning and then before bed, on a daily basis.

Working method

Fed with King Arthur Bread Flour & tap water.
50g Ka bread flour 50g Water



Sourdough old fashioneds, from a Tara Jensen (Smoke Signals) recipe.
Ima Doughnuts first overview
Ima Doughnuts second overview


Flakey, buttery, and some chocolate.
Ima Croissants first overview
Ima Croissants second overview


Rye and spelt bagels
Ima Bagels first overview
Ima Bagels second overview


Cherry tomato, kalamata olive, rosemary focaccia
Ima Foccacia  first overview
Ima Foccacia  second overview

Toasted fennel & spelt loaf

20% spelt loaf with locally harvested toasted fennel seeds
Ima Toasted fennel & spelt loaf first overview

Ima's Loaf

An original recipe using a mix of Spelt, Dark Rye, and Bread Flour at 68% hydration.
Ima Ima's Loaf first overview
Ima Ima's Loaf second overview

Olive Rosemary Loaf

Inspired by my favorite bread from home in VT, a kalamata olives & crushed rosemary country loaf.
Ima Olive Rosemary Loaf first overview
Ima Olive Rosemary Loaf second overview

Black Corn Whole Wheat Bread

Inspired by a Sarah Owens recipe, I used heirloom black corn flour & hard red winter wheat from Eugene, OR.
Ima Black Corn Whole Wheat Bread first overview
Ima Black Corn Whole Wheat Bread second overview

Preserve your sourdough for the future

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