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The Creature

Frederiksberg C, Denmark


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The Creature

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Since 2015

I have baked many years and had several sourdoughs earlier. This is just the latest. Actually I have a white sourdoough too, so I can switch between the two. They have different qualities. Earlier I have had rye bread sourdough starters too but at the momemnt just the two.


It has a sweet bvase - probably due to the apple in the original starter. Is active and doubles after the feed approx 4 -5 hours later. Peaks at about 6 hours, max 7 hours. Often it does not lift the bread enough without a hybrid addition of some store bought yeast but the flavour it imparts is always great.

Taste & flavour


Starting ingredients

Feeding ingredients

  • 25% Coarse mileld wheat
  • 25% Ølandshvede
  • 50% Water
Remove about 100.-150 grams of the starter (that I use for other bakes)
25% Coarse mileld wheat
30 grams coarse whole wheat stone ground flout
30 grams Ølands hvede old hostoric wheat flour
25% Ølandshvede
60 grams tap water Our flat is always fairly cold (we sleep with the window open all year also mid winter and don't heat it up) except when we cook in the kitchen it all warms up
50% Water

Working method

The Creature started as a Paul Hollywood sourdough starter, see Then it evolved and I maintain it using Teresa L- Greenway's 100% hydration starter. As I am in Denmark, I use Danish flour types one is a coarse stone milled whole wheat the other a stone milled white old historic grain flour (Øland)..


White and mixed breads, pancakes, baguettes, dinner rols

Preserve your sourdough for the future

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