Coltrane Basqiuat recipe

Coltrane Basqiuat

Hamilton, Canada


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Coltrane Basqiuat

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Since 2017

Growing up with German parents. We only ate sourdough, rye and pumpernickel at home. I've tried keeping starters over the years but there was too much travel in my life to do it justice. Last year another chef and I were talking over beers and we got on the subject of what came first bread or beer? This led to Sour Beer's which led to Sour Dough's and our love for both. And so it began, again.


Coltrane Basquiat is now just over a year old and is a very pungent starter that goes absolutely crazy when fed. The rise when making bread can be unpredictable and at times has even over proofed itself if not watched. It's been a real learning curve.

Taste & flavour


Starting ingredients

  • 60% 1cup

Feeding ingredients

1 cup flour 1 cup 33C water with a spoon i vigorously incorporate the flour and water into the existing starter. Total mixing time is about 1 minute. I leave the starter uncovered and exposed to the air for about 30 minute before covering with a lid.

Working method

I love my Starter pungent and strong. Not sure what it is I do but it has a wonderful nose and great flavor. I use one of a few local Ontario small mill flours. My water is Hamilton tap water. I run my tap for 3 -5 minutes to clear the lines. Once fed the starter sits on the counter open and exposed for about 30 minutes before getting covered with a lid. That's it...
60% 1cup


Boules, Baguettes, Pizza, Pancakes. My favorite is European rolls and big Dutch Oven rounds.

Preserve your sourdough for the future

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Anyone can reach out anytime. Ask questions, leave comments. Just like my starter this is an organic journey that I'm learning more and more about every day.

The love of my bread has now forced me to join a gym....

Sour Beer, Sour Dough, Sauerkraut make for a sweet life.