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Since 2015

I have made sourdough bread off and on during my life. I lost a reliable years old starter( when it fell out of the fridge in glass cont) about 3 years ago. In a hurry a little over a year ago I bought one from KA and have used it ever since. I have gut problems/surgery and mom has diabetes. This bread is the best bread for us to eat. I feel bad when I eat storebought commercial bread. Delish!


Butch is a very dependable starter. It makes great bread of any type. It is a simple wild yeast and my family loves its bread. It is a medium sour and that is perfect for my family.. I have dried my starter many times and given it to others who want to learn to bake sourdough bread.....Butch is well known in my circle of friends, family and co-workers.

Taste & flavour


Starting ingredients

  • 100% Ap flour

Feeding ingredients

  • 100% Flour
Remove 1 cup of Starter , replace with equal amounts of H2O and AP flour, stir. Allow to sit at room temp at least 1 hour then return to fridge. I bake once a week on my off days and feed the night before and again in the morning in the same way. I always feed every Friday just in case I havent been able to bake that week ...like the week we had Hurricane Matthew...no baking done that
100% Flour

Working method

I just use the basic recipe and utilize a 100 % starter. I use AP King Arthur Flour and H2O. I feed before each use. I work 12-24 hour shifts at a hospital so I have an erratic home schedule. so I feed mine every Friday morning, even when I have baked that week, and let it sit on the counter for at least an hour. Then I put covered in the fridge. It makes amazing bread. Simple but delish.
100% Ap flour

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Learning much since I joined Perfect Sourdough and took some of Teresa L. Greenways online classes. She makes great bread and is a terrific educator...I have also taught many others around me how to make sourdough bread and have given them starters to enjoy...We are spreading the sourdough all over Florida and parts of Georgia...hoping to educate family in Kentucky and Pennsylvania in early December when we come together for our annual Turkristmas celebration..