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Merin vaalea

Mikkeli, Finland
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Merin vaalea

Since 2017

I had baked rye sourdough bread, but could not eat it very much. I had seen some recipes using sourdough for white bread already about 16 years ago when I first made my rye starter, but they seemed qyuite difficult. Then I found the facebook group Hapanjuurileipurit and had help and advice and now I no longer by bread, only good quality local flour.


It`s very strong and versatile, I can use it with many different bakes and for cookin as well. I Love the unique odours it creater. Around last christmas the scent was like a hyacinth, mostly it variates in different fruity scents and mild yoghurt.

Taste & flavour

Merin vaalea rising shot


Starting ingredients

  • 50% Wheat flour

Feeding ingredients

  • 48% All purpose wheat flour
  • 2% Wholemeal Wheat Flour
  • 50% Water
I keep my starter in the fridge when not baking and the night before baking or in the morning i feed my starter usually with 1:6:6 or 1:3:3, depending on how soon I want to bake. Sometimes, for example making finnish pulla, when i want the starter to be very mild in flavour but strong, i feed it twice in a row with at least 1:5:5 ratio, sometimes even 1:8:8 and use only all purpose wheat.
48% All purpose wheat flour 2% Wholemeal Wheat Flour 50% Water

Working method

Started by feeding my rye starter or making raski as we say in finland when we bake rye sourdough bread. Took a tablesoon of this raski and fed it a couple of times a day with equal parts wheatflour and water, keeping it in room temperature. Every other day took a tblsp of this starter to a new jar and fed again with aprox. 50 g flour/50 g water. Did this about a week, then started baking.
50% Wheat flour

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