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Since 2010

I worked at a winery in Sonoma, Preston vinyards and he made sourdough in his wood fired oven. I became hooked. When I moved to Washington State and realized there was no good bread for 200 miles I decided I had to start my own starter and bake bread. It took me about 5 years to really feel like I knew what I was doing...and I keep experimenting. It's addictive.


Very moist crumb, with just a slightly sour, yet fresh flavor. Crust is crunchy and thin. Good crumb to crust ratio. Nice blistered crust, irregular whole structure in the crumb. During the dough phase it is nice and elastic and a sour/salty flavor.

Taste & flavour

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Starting ingredients

  • 63% Ap flour
  • 7% Whole wheat flour
  • 12% Pre ferment
  • 2% Starter
  • 14% Water
  • 2% Salt

Feeding ingredients

  • 56% Starter
  • 18% Ap flour
  • 26% Water
Start with 4.5oz of starter. Feeding one 8am: 1.4oz flour, 1/4 cup water Feeding two 1pm: 2.8oz flour, 1/2 cup water Feeding three: 5.5oz water, 1 cup water When making dough the next day I pull out 70 grams of starter for the preferment before last feeding. preferment is 70g AP Flour, 70g WW Flour, 70g Starter and 140g water.
56% Starter 18% Ap flour 26% Water

Working method

Preferment the night before with whole wheat flour, AP flour, water and starter. Dough is AP Flour, Whole Wheat flour, starter, water and fine sea salt. My dough is high hydration and mixed by hand. I turn the dough every 45 minutes for about 4 hours. Then bench rest, shape, basket rest and into the fridge overnight. Loaves are baked the next morning in cast iron dutch ovens.
63% Ap flour 7% Whole wheat flour 12% Pre ferment 2% Starter 14% Water 2% Salt


Red Mountain Bread

My basic sourdough recipe that is devoured by groups at the winery.
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Chocolate Sour Cherry bread

Fun for breakfast!
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Olive bread

I use a mix of kalamata and green olives, some lemon zest and herbs de Provence
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Wood fired pizza

Baked in our wood fired oven using a mix of oak wood and grapevines.
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One of my favorites!
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