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Since 2013

I decided to try baking sourdough to learn another way to make bread without beer yeast, and to try to improve my skill in baking after 3 professional classes in bread, pizza and pastry.


Ismaele is a simple sourdough started with water, Italian wheat flour Tipo 0 and a bit of Italian honey. Since May 2013 it usually rest in my fridge with hydratation of 50% in small amount. The amount I need to transform it as needed (100% hydratation - pre-ferment - or refreshed just in part with other kind of flour) Since july 2014 it has a brother a glutenfree sourdough named Queequeg.

Taste & flavour

Ismaele top shot
Ismaele jar shot
Ismaele front shot
Ismaele rising shot


Starting ingredients

  • 100g Flour
  • 4g Honey
  • 100g Water

Feeding ingredients

  • 50g Sourdough
  • 50g Flour
  • 25g Water
Take the sourdough from fridge and let it rest at room temperature for 1/2 hours ( in winter longer than in summer) Mixing sourdough with the same amount of flour and half of water (e.g 100g sourdough + 100g flour + 50g water). Divide it in 2 parts, I keep 1 as next sourdough, the other to be used as needed. Let it rest at room temperature till volume doubled. Put the 1st in fridge and use other.
50g Sourdough 50g Flour 25g Water

Working method

Ismaele is started this way, just mixing water flour and honey and let them rest in a jar at room temperature covered with a towel for 48 hours till doubled in volume.
100g Flour 4g Honey 100g Water
Then after doubled in volume, I proceeded mixing 50 g of the obtained sourdough with 50 g of flour and 25 g of water, put the knead obtained in a jar covered with a towel at room temperature and waited about 24 hours till doubled in volume. Repeated this operation for the next 7 days every time the sourdough is doubled. At this point it must double in volume in 2/3 hours.


Einkorn bread

An 100% einkorn flour bread. Often made refreshing sourdough with einkorn flour too. A rustic and rich of flavour bread.
Ismaele Einkorn bread first overview
Ismaele Einkorn bread second overview
Ismaele Einkorn bread first slice
Ismaele Einkorn bread second slice

Pane nero di Castevetrano.

A typical Sicilian bread made with 3 original ancient durum wheat from Sicily called Tumminia Biancollilla e Russello.
Ismaele Pane nero di Castevetrano. first overview
Ismaele Pane nero di Castevetrano. second overview
Ismaele Pane nero di Castevetrano. first slice
Ismaele Pane nero di Castevetrano. second slice

My pizza!

Every week, usually on Saturday, I make pizza. The dough is prepared with my sourdough 3-4 days before baking.
Ismaele My pizza! first overview
Ismaele My pizza! second overview
Ismaele My pizza! first slice
Ismaele My pizza! second slice

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