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Dr Kananga

Since 2016

After 20 years of pain and problems, I finally got diagnosed with Endometriosis so started on a journey to find ways to eat things I liked without it impacting my condition - I found Sourdough and have never looked back. I now bake to order for several clients who also had health issues from eating mass produced modern bread and have switched to Sourdough with no problems at all.


The tropical heat helps the fermentation process to be gently sped up for the benefit of producing sweet young leaven and poolish in a shorter time frame. Dough rises with incredible speed and has to be watched all the time to stop it going too far. The sourdough when baked has the most incredible taste of honey and a unique flavor and natural sweetness.

Taste & flavour

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Dr Kananga jar shot
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Starting ingredients

  • 50g Organic unbleached white flour
  • 50g Blue waters filtered water
  • 50g Organic rye wholemeal flour

Feeding ingredients

Remove it from the fridge around 5am to avoid it heating up too quickly (not applicable if you have it at room temperature) and then feed it 50g flour mix and 50g water and let it sit at room temperature for about 2 hours before fridging it again.

Working method

Dr Kananga grew over 6 days fed from a mix of unbleached organic white flour (Bob's Red Mill) & Organic Rye Wholemeal (Waitrose) with Blue Waters Filtered Water. The tropical heat coupled with the ocean breeze allowed the natural leaven to ferment gently.
50g Organic unbleached white flour 50g Blue waters filtered water 50g Organic rye wholemeal flour
On Day 1 - 2 leave to sit room temperature
On Day 3 remove 50g & feed 50g Flour 50g water
On Day 4 remove 100g & feed 100g,Flour 100g water On
Day 5 remove 150g,& feed 150g.Flour 150g water On Day 6 it was good to go - that was Sept 16 and Dr K is alive and producing great bread.


Sourdough St Lucia

100% Organic unbleached white
Dr Kananga Sourdough St Lucia first overview
Dr Kananga Sourdough St Lucia second overview
Dr Kananga Sourdough St Lucia first slice
Dr Kananga Sourdough St Lucia second slice

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Very happy to be on this sourdough journey and I'm looking forward to using more local flours so am currently working on a cassava starter.

Wonderful . I see you have a collection of starters. You can register them all and as such have your online inventory!