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looking for a challenge and I found it!


I make boule shaped loaves that have a sour/tangy taste, crumb ranges from slightly dense to slightly open. Crust is crusty and a lovely golden brown colour. My scoring is never the same and sometimes I surprise myself with how well it turns out. It is best served - by itself, toasted with butter & honey or as a grilled cheese!

Taste & flavour


Starting ingredients

Feeding ingredients

I will take my jar of starter out of the fridge about 24 hours before beginning the mixing process. It comes to room temperature then I feed with with equal weight of water (some time warm or room temperature ) and rye and or whole wheat flour. Mix throughly and let it come to life! Depending on the size of the planned bake I may do one more feeding before the mixing process starts.

Working method

Starter - sits in my fridge until about 24 hours before beginning the mixing process. I will feed with either rye and or whole wheat flours plus an equal weight of water. Let sit until bubbly and then begin the mixing process.
Levain - Equal weight of flour9s), water and starter - mix well, cover with container lid or a damp cotton tea towel. Let sit for 4 - 8 hours.
Dough - base recipe is all of the levain + 500 g flour(s) and 300 g water. Mix, autolyse for up to 2 hours, add 10g salt mixed with 15 g water. Pour salt / water mix over dough mixture - let sit for 15 minutes - then mix in throughly (with hands - squeezing, folding, stretching). let sit and fold/stretch every hour for up to 3 hours. Place in cool spot for up to 15 hours.
Pre- Shape/ Shape and Bake - divide dough into desired weight, stretch into a circle and fold into itself, Let rest for 20 minutes, Take ball and de-gas by stretching out into a square and then fold each corner into the middle, flip over and pull towards you as the dough is rotated, this forms a skin and holds the shape of the boule. Place in a floured basket, seam side up, proof for 2 hours.
Bake - pre- heat oven to 420 F - place baking pan/ sheet in over to heat for at least 15 minutes (once the oven reaches temperature), I use covered baking dishes with a sprinkle of semolina flout on the bottom, bake for 30 minutes covered and another 15 minutes uncovered. Make sure you score your loaves with a sharp knife or razor blade - be firm and quick when scoring! Enjoy!


Sourdough Bread

Domka Sourdough Bread  first overview
Domka Sourdough Bread  second overview
Domka Sourdough Bread  first slice
Domka Sourdough Bread  second slice

Preserve your sourdough for the future

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