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dal 2018

I am a chef that got passionate about bread baking when attending a gastronomy event in my country Venezuela. There I was introduced to sourdough and since then I have been practicing and got me into working with it.


My sourdough starters it's very strong, it has lasted a starving period of two month in the fridge, and was even frozen for 3 months. When reviving it came to life in one fed. It has a nice tangy taste but not to acidic and smells like fermented fruits. It likes to eat two times a day to maintain its flavor and smell profile. It's powerful when making a levain I can use it in 4 hours.

Sapore e aroma

Juggernaut top shot


Ingredienti di partenza

  • 25% Dark rye
  • 75% Whole wheat
  • 100% Water

Ingredienti per il rinfresco

I always manage to have around 100g of starter in my jar. I always discard around 80g and feed 40g of flour (10g Rye and 30g Whole wheat) and 40g of water. I do this every 12 hours.

Metodo di lavorazione

My sourdough starter is a 100% hidration one. It has a fermented fruity smells that goes from apples to pears and even grapes sometimes. The first ingredient that makes its special for me is Dark Rye flour since it really helps a lot in balancing the Flo our and smell I love of my sourdough.
25% Dark rye
My second ingredient is Whole wheat flour, this two flour combine to me are perfect for the flavor profile I want when making bread. And are really good in providing a lot of food for the organism and bacteria in my starter.
75% Whole wheat
Then I use bottle water, simple as that!
100% Water



I think the only product I bake beside bread are pizzas
Juggernaut Pizza first overview


Delicious bagels also something I enjoy to bake
Juggernaut Bagels first overview

Artisan loaf

I love sourdough bread experiments like one of my favorite breads to bake is this chocolate cranberry sourdough
Juggernaut Artisan loaf first overview

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