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Reno, Stati Uniti d'America


Liquido Farina Altro

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dal 1968

As a very young mother in remote country with few resources, I learned and fell in love with bread baking. Sourdough was the natural consequence.


My 775 Area Code bread is deliciously chewy and tangy tasty. Large holes with a good tooth to the crumb. The crust sparkles and glows a warm nut brown. It has a long shelf life, but rarely has need to challenge this attribute. Frederich always charms.

Sapore e aroma


Ingredienti di partenza

  • 7oz King arthur bread flour
  • 7oz Frederich
  • 5oz Water
  • 1tsp Salt

Ingredienti per il rinfresco

  • 3.5oz King arthur all purpose flour
  • 3.5oz Water
By weight, one part water to one part King Arthur all purpose flour. Mix together flour and water.
3.5oz King arthur all purpose flour
Water. My water is good and does not insult Frederich. I use it straight from tap.
3.5oz Water
Pour out 7 oz of Frederich from his crock home, and add the 7 oz of flour and water mixture into the crock.
Cover crock and let sit at room temperature for 1 hour in summer and 2-3 hours in winter. Then make into the refrigerator.

Metodo di lavorazione

I live in the high desert of Nevada. Mile high and low humidity. Hot summers, cold winters. I have a go-to recipe I make a three or four times a week. Simple and delicious. I call it my area code bread (I live in area code 775). 7 oz flour, 7 oz starter, 5 oz water. First I add flour into a 5 quart stand mixer bowl.
7oz King arthur bread flour
Frederich (my levain) lives happy and robust in the refrigerator. Into the bowl he goes.
7oz Frederich
Water. I have good water that never insults Frederich. I can use it straight from the tap.
5oz Water
Combine ingredients and allow a brief autolyse or rest. Then salt.
1tsp Salt
Knead with stand mixer at medium speed for 5 or so minutes. There will be plenty of time for the gluten to develop in nest step
Place the wet dough in a oil-sprayed proofing container. Cover loosely and place in refrigerator. Leave it there for two to four days.
Roll the dough out of the container. Shape gently and place carefully into pan. I like a French bread or baguette pan. Let rise until it looks puffed adequately. This can be a large range of time. In the summer, this same process can be ready in an hour. In the winter it could be two or longer. I generally make one long loaf or three demi-baguettes.
I like to brush a little oil mixture on the top and sprinkle with large flake salt. This is optional, but fun and pretty. Then score. This bread is very hydrated; I like to use scissors to score the top rather than a lame.
Bake in a well pre-heated oven at 450° for 28-30 minutes. I find this also varies according to the weather.



Frederich can add his magic to many products. He mostly lives for bread.

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