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desde 2020

I explore cooking one dish at a time. I occasionally baked bread before, never sourdough. I learned about sourdough and decided to let it teach me and so connect to my humanity.


Co9s birth was difficult and took about 6 weeks. It first had to teach me trust in the process and have me work on my doubts before it joined me. It is very flavourful, high on lactic acid. it pushes some outside their comfort zone and I LOVE that a lot.



Ingredientes de partida

  • 424g Flour
  • 280g Water
  • 100g Starter
  • 10g Salt

ingredientes de alimentación

  • 10g Flour
  • 10g Water
  • 2g Starter
10g flour , the one I use for baking, currently 12,6% proteine 10g water ( am now experimenting with 5g water :) ) 2g starter mix, put in a gals jar and cover with a lid that has a filtered air exchange port feeding varies .. I try to do 12h, sometimes I get lazy and feed it at 24-48h
10g Flour 10g Water 2g Starter

método de trabajo

Mix Four ( 12,6% proteine ) , water, starter, salt Ingredients are weight on a digital scale in a big glass bowl. Mixing is done with an oak wood stick that I picked up from the forest , debarked and cleaned. It is about 2cm thick. This is the best best kitchen gadget that I got this year . No Joke! I cover the bowl with a wet kitchen towel and let my dough autolyse for 60 minutes.
424g Flour 280g Water 100g Starter 10g Salt
1st Stretch and fold with care. Get about 50g of the dough and put it in a small jar with vertical walls. mark the level, and mark a line at +25% up from the level. This will be my control and marker for the fermentation and be kept next to the dough. Cover bowl with wet towel. Let it rest 30 minutes.
2nd Stretch and fold with care. Stretch and fold with care. Cover bowl with wet towel. Let it rest 30 minutes.
3rd Stretch and fold with care. Stretch and fold with care. Make a windowpane test. Cove with cling wrap film. Currently i move the dough outside for fermentation as it is a lot warmer in summer and a wet towel sometimes dries up in the process Move the dough to a warm place (in summer, outside). Dop not forget to move the marker from step 2 to the same place as well.
Bulk Fermentation I bulk ferment until my marker taken during step 2 gets to +25% volume
Pre-shaping Dump the dough on the cleaned kitchen counter. Include the 50g used as marker into the dough. Stretch and found on itself from 4 sides. Flip. Role into a tight bowl. Let it rest for 10 minutes
Shaping. Flip the dough. Gently stretch into a square Fold in right and left side onto the central third . Carefully role up tight. Put into a banetone with linen. Out banetone with dough into a bit ziplock plastic bag and seal it. Put banetone now in the fridge (about 4-6C)
Proofing Proofing in the frige for 12-24h
Start oven gas oven on max for 1h. It has a baking stone ( granite, about 1,5cm thick ) I also put the glass bowl that I used for mixing at the start in the oven as I also use it as a dome for maintaining humidity in the first phase of the bake.
Load oven, bake Phase 1 (max humidity) Get dough out of the fridge and put it directly on the hot stone in the oven. Score with a freshly sharpened strait razor. Cover with the hot glass bowl. Shut oven and set gas to what experimentally measured gives me about 230C. Set timer for 25min. Start it Set timer for 45min. Start it. Bake for 25 min
Bake Phase 2 Open oven, carefully lift the edge a bit to let steam escape for 3-5seconds. Uncover the dough and put the hot bowl safely outside the oven somewhere. bake for an additional 20 minutes. Usually I keep the temperature at the same estimated ~230C gas setting
Extract from the oven and cool Get the baked bread out of the oven and put it directly onto a wire rack. Let it cool for 1h-1h30min
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Preserva tu masa madre para el futuro

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